Advanced Training Knee Surgeon Melbourne

If you have knee pain, you may want to see a Knee Surgeon Melbourne. A skilled doctor will be able to perform a variety of surgeries for your knee, including total knee replacement. He will also be able to help you with a variety of other problems, including arthritic knee pain. You can visit a clinic or contact a hospital in your area for an appointment. If you are having a problem with your knee, you may need to have a procedure.

Dr. Hayden Morris is a Melbourne knee surgeon who completed his training in Britain and the USA before returning to Australia to complete his orthopaedic residency. He has extensive experience in arthroscopic surgery and focuses on minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. He is an expert in the field of knee injuries, and has performed over 1,200 procedures each year. His skills have been perfected from his time at the University of Melbourne, where he was a clinical associate in Dept. of Surgery and a senior fellow in the Faculty of Medicine.

Mr. Andrew Chia is an orthopaedic surgeon with extensive experience in knee and hip surgery. He completed his orthopaedic training at the University of Melbourne, and then underwent his fellowship in France and Australia. He also pursued advanced training in anterior minimally invasive total joint replacement and sports-specific injury. Additionally, Dr. Chia is an Adjunct Lecturer at Monash University. And he enjoys teaching medical students.

Dr. Andrew Dawson has an extensive background in orthopedics, holding a clinical teaching position with the University of Melbourne. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive techniques. He is also active in teaching medical students and future orthopaedic surgeons. He is also an expert in knee and hip conditions. As an Adjunct Lecturer at Monash University, Dr. Dawson uses the most advanced technology and minimally invasive techniques to restore his patients’ knees to the best possible condition.

A patient’s quality of life is important and a Knee Surgeon Melbourne can help improve the quality of your life. If you have a problem with your knee, Dr. Talbot will work closely with you and your surgeon to find a suitable procedure for your knee. After undergoing a successful operation, you can resume all the activities you enjoy most. The recovery period usually lasts six to eight weeks. Your doctor will need to supervise you for a few days, and will also need to monitor your knee.

The doctor will use a mini-GPS (GPS) system to help him see the tissues and bones of the knee. It is a 3-dimensional model of your knee. Using this information, he will be able to identify the damaged ligament and apply it to the new bone. The new ligament will be attached to the bone with screws and held in place with screws. The procedure will also include the placement of a face mask to protect you from the infection.

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