Scalp Micropigmentation is a Cosmetic Surgery That is Safe

The Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne Clinic is a family-owned business which prides itself on providing natural-looking results and exceptional customer service. The experienced and highly-trained team at Foli Sim includes Kelly Dawes and Omar Rodriguez. Claudia has extensive experience in both cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation, having worked in the theatre and studio make-up industries. She has won awards for her SMP work, which helps clients hide scars from hair transplants.

Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne is an instant, non-surgical solution for thinning hair. The results can be noticed almost immediately, with no downtime. The treatment is permanent, lasting anywhere from four to six years. In some cases, it can even be used to cover scars on the scalp and camouflage a white scalp. To learn more about the procedure, visit Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne.

The results of Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne are instantaneous, and the results are often instant. Depending on the color chosen, it can create a new hairline, or a full head of hair. The procedure is incredibly versatile, and the result will be a transformation that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Your scalp will look more natural with the pigments planted beneath the surface of the skin.

After the initial application, your hair will appear more natural. It may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired effect, but the results will last for years. In addition, scalp micropigmentation Melbourne can improve the appearance of your entire scalp. In the long run, you can expect to look 10 years younger! In fact, this cosmetic procedure can even improve your overall health. If you’re suffering from hair loss, it may be a good time to consider scalp micropigmentation.

As a result of the growing popularity of the procedure, Melbourne has become a hub for scalp micropigmentation providers in Australia. Because the city is so wealthy, many people are looking for a hair loss solution, and the number of practitioners has increased significantly. The quality of scalp micropigmentation services varies from clinic to clinic. Some practitioners may not have proper training, while others may be unprofessional. This is why it is important to seek out a professional, reputable provider.

After a successful consultation, you’ll receive the scalp micropigmentation results. After the first session, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your hairline. Afterwards, your hairline will appear much more natural and fuller. The final stage of scalp micropigmentation is an effective solution for thinning hair. Despite the fact that scalp micropigmentation is not a cure for baldness, it can help mask the effects of a FUT hair transplant.

Unlike hair transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne is a completely noninvasive procedure. In contrast, hair transplants require a surgical procedure, which is invasive and can leave permanent scarring. The treatment can be done in many locations and can last from four to seven years. In Melbourne, most patients prefer this treatment to hair transplants. As a result, scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic surgery that is safe for both men and women.

Whether you’re affected by male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, thinning hair, or scalp scarring from surgery or an accident, Scalp Micropigmentation could be the solution for you. Contact with our team for the best services.