How Does Board Certified Knee Surgeons Perform Total Knee Replacement?


Dr David love works closely with both his patients and his board of directors, all of whom understand the importance of providing the best care to patients who have injured their knees. His experience as a physician means that he knows how critical it is to replace damaged knee joints with healthy replacements, so he only treats patients with knee problems that require knee replacement surgery. He has an office in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he continues to work full time even when not on site. Dr David love sets himself apart from other Board Certified Knee Surgeons because he is an expert in his field and because he loves treating all types of patients. Besides knee replacement, he is also skilled in doing hip and knee replacements.

Most people who have minor knee injuries can do well with simple, non-invasive treatments first. They don’t necessarily need to go through a medical procedures, like replacement of joint or ligament. A good rehabilitation protocol can help them avoid invasive treatments, including arthroscopic knee surgery. It will also give them the chance to get back into active lifestyles. In fact, most patients choose total knee replacement over other treatment options because of the benefits that come from a good rehab protocol.

If you are not yet ready to undergo a knee replacement surgery but want to regain full use of your knees, then it is best to consult with your Board Certified Knee Surgeon first. This is important, especially if you are still experiencing symptoms, pain or tenderness in your knees. Board certified physicians are capable of giving you an individualized treatment plan, especially if the results are not yet showing. So if you want to stay fit and pain-free, consider all the available options on how to achieve total knee replacement surgery without having to undergo major surgeries.

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